Life Ray is an Oregon nonprofit organization established to eliminate radioactive contamination and advance alternative energy technology.


ELIMINATING HARMFUL RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINATION. Life Ray uses proven technology that converts radioactive materials into inert elements.

The theory underlying the technology is that all matter is energy that pulsates. Radioactive elements vibrate at a distorted frequency as they are trying to stabilize. Cutting edge technology supplies the pulsations that radioactive materials need to stabilize. The technology uses audio and radio frequencies to transmutate radioactive elements into inert elements, which are harmless. The process is much simpler and faster and uses much less energy than current processes for rendering radioactive materials inert.

This technology was developed by John Hutchison.


Public-minded inventors and scientists are invited to engage in scientific research related to using vibrational energy to eliminate radioactive contamination and to advance alternative energy technologies.

Currently, radiation elimination equipment is operating on the southern Oregon coast. The entire northern hemisphere is being affected by the ongoing Japan nuclear disaster. Life Ray has a 12,000 sq. ft. facility with work areas, offices and meeting rooms. We are seeking assistance in testing, building a mobile lab, developing and distributing units for communities to use in remediating atmospheric radiation.

Once the radioactive contamination is remediated, we will be opening our facilities to work with people interested in developing alternative energy technologies.

EDUCATION. Videos and other educational materials are being developed to explain the science underlying the Hutchison technology used to convert radioactivity into inert elements. The technology has been OPEN SOURCED on the internet, (here and here) and further educational resources are being created.  If you desire updates, BOOKMARK this website, or sign up for our newsletter.

In the summer of 2013 we plan to offer seminars and workshops on the technology used to transmutate radioactivity.

We anticipate offering two workshops each year on site and will video-stream the workshops.

Workshops are limited to 50 attendees onsite.